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Thread: ? about editors

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    Amy Baldwin

    ? about editors

    Hi all! I am looking for someone to edit/proofread my nonfiction ms about parrots. Can anyone refer me to someone? Has anyone ever used and editoral service through the internet? I found one - www.essaytown.com. I don't know anything about them. Any suggestions and advice would be appreciated.
    Amy B.

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    Re: ? about editors

    Editting and proofing are two separate skills. If you're looking for someone to catch typos and stuff the advice i got was to do it on my own --the services are expensive and not worth it.

    I paid a private editor to evaluate my novel--but that's different than a book about parrots.

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    Re: ? about editors

    Gary Kessler who posts here sometimes could do it. Don't know his email addy. If you do a search you'll find a billion posts from him and you can click his name to contact him.

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    Re: ? about editors

    Here, click this: <http://www.writers.net/forum/read.php?f=11&i=22855&t=22854>

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    Amy Baldwin

    Re: ? about editors

    Thanks everyone! I actually found exactly what I am looking for here in Reno. Thanks again.

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