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    Steve Hudson

    Looking for authors to interview


    We are currently looking for authors to interview on a new radio talk show called Book Talk Radio on WXXA-AM 790 Louisville, KY -- Please have interested authors email me here at RadioTalkers@aol.com and submit book synopsis, author Bio and contact info.

    Steve Hudson
    Book Talk Radio
    WXXA-AM 790

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    Nils Monad

    Re: Looking for authors to interview

    I would be interested in such an interview. I am an American who writes transgressive novels.

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    Yvonne Oots

    Re: Looking for authors to interview

    could you please post your web address... all I get out of lousiville, is a sports station.....

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    Fred Anderson

    Re: Looking for authors to interview

    Does anyone know anything about this program? WXXA is a sports station in Louisville. I called there, and nobody knows who Steve Hudson is. I have not received a response to two emails that I sent him.

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    Gary Kessler

    Re: Looking for authors to interview

    And you're still wondering if this is a legitimate offer?

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    Bea Joyner

    Re: Looking for authors to interview

    Dear Mr. Hudson,

    My name is Beatrice Joyner and I am the author of "Donít Need No Soaps, My Life Is Soap Enough!" and I am interested in being interview on "Book Talk". My book is a humorous look at life from a woman who has made errors in her life but survived with her sanity intact. Please find below my bio, contact information and book synopsis:

    Biography of Bea Joyner

    In a time when people tend to take things too seriously, Beatrice Joyner, author of Donít Need No Soaps, My Life Is Soap Enough! finds moments to laugh. In these complex times while battling everyday stresses, Ms. Joyner has learned that sanity checks and making light of life is sometimes the only way we can grab a piece of hope for ourselves.

    Bea Joyner was born and currently lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A professional trainer and a single parent she has a manner of handling the highs and lows of life that makes her an inspiration to all who know her. As if that wasnít enough, Ms. Joyner recently earned her Masterís in Training and Organizational Development and still found time to develop her talents as a poet and photographer. Her first book, The Emotions of Me, (poetry) was well received. Ms. Joyner has participated in a number of photographic exhibits. Her last exhibit was a one-woman show entitled: Oneness -- A Celebration of Black Catholicism at Most Blessed Sacrament Church. Ms. Joyner is one of only four African-American domestic humor writers in the United States.

    Book Synopsis

    "This is the story of a Black female who was not on drugs, didnít prostitute for a living, or participate in any number of typically negative images that America seems to feel we must have in order for our story to be important enough to be told."

    So begins Donít Need No Soaps, My Life Is Soap Enough! (DNNSMLISE) a humorous look at life from a woman who has made errors in her life but survived with her sanity intact. Beatrice Joyner looks at her life objectively and without bitterness as she shares her wisdom. She reminds us to celebrate our victories as we climb the mountain of life giving us survival techniques while exploring the joys of living. Her wisdom comes across with humor and graciousness as she makes you realize you arenít alone in this crazy world.

    The book is divided into four sections: Love Will Make a Hard Behind and a Soft Head; The Real Parentís Training Manual; Survival Techniques and Been There, Done ThatÖAnd Have the Life Experiences to Prove it! Ms. Joyner shares her beautiful black and white photographs displaying her gift for portraits. She includes her poetry, which has been described as "Unisex Poetry" as both men and women agree she describes their emotions accurately.

    Contact Information
    Beatrice Joyner
    Busy As A Bea Productions
    PO Box 40716-05
    Philadelphia, Pa. 19107
    215 871-0937

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    Monica Y. Russell

    Re: Looking for authors to interview

    The tittle of my book is AFTER THE FALL. It is a horror novel, and briefly it's about true love at its most tragic, and destructive level of insanity.

    Jayce Paul, and King Brown are soulmates who can't seem to maintain there hold on happily ever after.

    Jayce has a dark, rancid sickness living within the insides of her. It's something that I call her loneliness. It's the monster that lives within her that is driving a dark, and massive wedge between the not so happy couple.

    King puts up with a lot of her unusual behavior until her loneliness brought something back up with it something that liked to come up, and do bad things to soft flesh.

    When he feels the breath of the beast upon the hairs on the back of his neck he did something that broke his beating heart in half.

    He had to put harsh hands to her until she was bloody and barely alive. That was the only way that he could make her violent monster go away. It was the only way that he could make them safe again.

    When she came back to him, he looked down at her beautiful, swollen face and told her that they could not be together anymore, because he didn't want to put his hand on her like that again.

    After the passages of a little over two months she couldn't take being away from him any longer, so she takes herself, and his pictures to the place where she knows he'll be waiting for her.

    Once they are alone again together she takes him down into the vast hollow that exist on the insides of her. He gets a first hand look at the wrath of the monster that she becomes only sometimes.

    On their journey within her passion stirs between them, and lots of necessary blood is spilled while they try to find there way back up to the surface of normal, and ordinary.

    Only after they make it back up to the place where ordinary people dwell are they given the knowledge of what truly happens AFTER THE FALL.

    I am a 33 year old wife, and mother who has been writing since the tender, and precious age of 8. I live in a Maryland suburb with my family, and I like to write, and watch DVD'S. Now that I am in the process of publshed my first novel, I am working on a novel, BOTHER THE CHILDREN, as well as two short stories, WATCHING EDEN, and COVERING JAMYSON. I am also working on promoting my first book, AFTER THE FALL.

    Monica Y. Russell
    (301) 345-2303

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    Sara Tenaci

    Re: Looking for authors to interview


    I am Sara Tenaci - author of 4 books, one of which is an autobiography and has been published with a POD. The other three are - romance/mystery, from my fiction novel series. I am currently interviewing agencies to represent me and my writing. I would love the opportunity, to have my books be in the hands of a mainstream agency and publisher.

    As I know that your time is valuable and limited, please feel free to visit my webpage at your convenience: thatsanothercupofcoffee.com here you will find, my author bio, synopsis and excerpts from all four books, including the one that has already been published.

    I hope you will enjoy my writing, as well as our wonderful webpage. I look forward to possibly hearing from you in the near future.

    Warm Regards,

    Sara Tenaci


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    sandy sue singley

    Re: Looking for authors to interview

    author{sandy sue singley
    book:As The Bell Rings....Southern Kids Say The Dadgummedest Things

    I was born and still reside in Bastrop, Louisiana where I work for the Morehouse Parish School System for 26 years now. My book is a collection of 147 hilarious stories straight out of the mouths of elementary school age babes.For years I have told these stories and everyone has begged me to write a book and share them with the world. I am fun-loving and it's my job to make everyone smile and feel good. It's what I was born to do and I'm good at it. I speak 2 languages, Southern with a heavy drawl ya'll and fluent coon-ass.

    If laughter is the best medicine this book will cure you of anything that ails you. Have you ever laughed so an undertaker couldn't get that grin off your face? You know the kind, tears well up in your eyes, roll down your cheeks and you have to reach for a Kleenex or a sleeve whichever was handy? My friends and I have all experienced this and we call it a clear case of the simples. That's what you have here folks. Each story is true. I have lived them. I wish I were there in front of you telling them myself in our unique Southern drawl. The stories are named for the munchikin who unknowingly contributed to this book. The names were not changed to protect the innocent, namely ME. Once again: Warning! Warning! Do not operate machinery while reading this book, it could be dangerous to your health.

    Sandy Sue Singley

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    Gary Kessler

    Re: Looking for authors to interview

    Interesting how few people read directions. :-)

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