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    alison kentta

    Gain Exposure with an Affordable, Quality Website


    As a writer, I am very sensitive to the general needs and nuances of the writing community. If you have recently published a book or have a book in production, you absolutely need a professional website to propel your name onto the web and establish a solid presence.

    I work with artists and authors to create such a presence; my services include a professional website with beautiful graphic design that is chock full of SEO (search engine optimization), shopping carts, inquiry/registration forms, pictures, video, newsletter services, and more - all for a $500 bundle.

    Please be sure to visit my website, www.frederickspress.com for more information. I am happy to negotiate payment plans, and I work very closely with each client to realize their professional vision.

    I look forward to hearing from you!


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    Greg Kosson

    Re: Gain Exposure with an Affordable, Quality Webs

    You do understand this is spam.


    R.I. Bullen

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    Tim Hooper

    Re: Gain Exposure with an Affordable, Quality Webs

    To an extent, yes spam, however, at least it does have some sort of relevance. For a writer/author, having a website truly can be a great tool.

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