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    Karlene Cameron

    Your Biggest Challenge

    Hi, everyone,

    Looking back at the entire process of writing, publishing and/or marketing your book, what was your one biggest challenge (eg, lack of money? lack of knowledge? needing help with specific tasks, etc.)? Which one task tripped you up the most? What did you want or wish you had help with the most?

    Please do share!

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    Gary Kessler

    Re: Your Biggest Challenge

    Lack of interest. Not mine, always someone elses.

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    Robert Wilson

    Re: Your Biggest Challenge

    Most writers think getting published is the biggest challenge, but I think marketing and promoting the book after it is published presents a larger obstacle.


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    Frank Baron

    Re: Your Biggest Challenge

    There's lots of hurdles along the way. I wasn't thrilled to be told (after acceptance and preliminary edits) that it really needed 15,000 more words. (Good ones, mind - not just any old words.) And I'd have a whole 10 days or so to come up with them. Final edits can be excruciating, when the go-to-print clock is ticking.

    I didn't worry much about marketing because I told the publisher upfront that I wouldn't be doing any, aside from a couple of pages on my website and the occasional bit of self-puffery on internet message boards.

    "What Fish Don't Want You to Know" by Frank P. Baron makes a terrific gift for that angler on your Christmas list!!

    Like that.

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    L C

    Re: Your Biggest Challenge

    Working with vendor Indians for the page layouts. I assumed a lot of things that turned out to be very bad assumptions.

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    J. Herrick

    Re: Your Biggest Challenge

    Making myself sit down and actually do it.
    Writing is such a good idea in theory.

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    George Norton

    Re: Your Biggest Challenge

    My biggest challenge was seeking out ways to promote my books once published. My second publisher did some of the stuff for me but then I realized I needed more exposure (limited funds). For the benefit of those who haven't run into these yet, I suggest you get a profile on www.authorsden.com and also check www.readersfavorite.com for a free book review and other promotional offerings.

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    Jena Grace

    Re: Your Biggest Challenge

    I'd sob with joy if they told me to add 15,000 words. I seem to have the opposite problem. Sigh.

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    Keith .

    Re: Your Biggest Challenge

    Hi Jena! Great to see you dropping by and I hope things are well.

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    Cathy C

    Re: Your Biggest Challenge

    Coming up with great new ideas when you have a contract for "the next three untitled books." Great ideas in the head don't always work outside the head.

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