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    Randall Williams

    Ghostwriting: fees?

    Hi gang,

    This site was a huge help a few years ago getting my first book done - I\'ve recommended it lots.

    About to score a new gig, looking for anybody who has experience with ghostwriting. I\'ve pitched a book concept to a good friend (a minor celebrity with a long career.) If it goes, I\'ll do most of the writing based on oral interviews.

    Odds are good that it will be picked up by a minor publisher - there\'s been interest from a few specialty houses already, and this person is pretty connected to some internationally published authors, so that could happen, too.

    What should I charge? I know that it\'s all individual, but does anybody have a decent ballpark estimate? I was thinking of a per-book dollar amount, with a decent advance. Alternately, we could do it for a percentage of sales with an advance.

    Any replies mucho appreciated - personal email freedomrandall@yahoo.ie, or here on the thread.



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    Frank Baron

    Re: Ghostwriting: fees?

    I know someone who's done a lot of ghostwriting and most of her gigs have been done for a flat fee. A couple also involved a mutually-agreed upon split of the advance and royalties (if any).

    I've never heard of a "per-book dollar amount" and think scoring such a contract would be unlikely.

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    Gary Kessler

    Re: Ghostwriting: fees?

    Here's what Lyn Wasnak suggests on the "How Much Should I Charge" Web site:

    Ghostwriting, as told to $55 high/hour, $25 low/hour, $40 average/hour; $55,000 (one report)/project.

    Ghostwriting, no credit $80 high/hour, $25 low/hour, $55 average/hour; $20,000 (one report)/project.

    Suggest whatever you settle on that you have a written contract rather than a verbal one and that you try to take "for-work-performed" fees rather than any sort of contingency on sale of the manuscript.

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