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    Doug Dahlgren

    Hello..I have a question

    I am a new author. I have written two novels, the first is self-published through BookSurge and is on Amazon.Com. Both are fiction.
    The second novel is twice the size of what I self-published. That second novel is
    110,000 words.
    I do not wish to go the same route with that one.
    I went to self-publishing after many Q letters which were responded to but not positively.
    My self-done effort is available for your review on Amazon. They even offer a look inside if you would do so. The title is "It Was Thursday."
    I seek opinions of this work and suggestions of how to get a publisher's attention.

    Thanks in advance for any and all input.


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    Jon Smith

    Re: Hello..I have a question


    The best thing is to continue with your letters to agents and/or publishers and donít mention that youíve gone down the self-published route Ė itís not a help, itís a hindrance.

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    Frank Baron

    Re: Hello..I have a question

    The best way to get a publisher or agent's attention is to write a short, dynamic query that makes them want to read more.

    To maintain their interest, you'd better have a very good manuscript that'll keep them flipping pages when they request it.

    If you fail at the first test -- your entire ms will never be read by someone who matters.

    If you fail at the second (the definition of "fail" here depends on how many rejections you need to be convinced) -- write another, better book.

    And so on.

    Good luck.

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    mary etta metcalf

    Re: Hello..I have a question

    so, are you suggesting that pod not be mentioned at all? i have two books that were published by pod, 1 was with booksurge and the other with publishamerica, both books were bombs eccentially, but they are still published books, how can one just completely forget them? those were learning steps both for the dangers out there and for improving your style and ability. i write poetry and my poetry now is much better than they were in the beginning. the more i write the better i get, at least 1 out of ever 5 i write is a star and that is a good percentage as im a prolific writer, to some degree. how can i just forget all the work and tears i put into those books?
    mary etta

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    Frank Baron

    Re: Hello..I have a question

    You don't have to forget the books, Mary Etta. You just shouldn't mention them to prospective publishers or agents. They simply would not be regarded as good credits by those in the industry.

    In any event, if you only write poetry, I'm sorry to say you'll likely never interest a commercial publisher. In the case of poetry and some niche nonfiction, POD/subsidy/vanity/self publishing is pretty much the only way you'll ever see your work in book form.

    If you decide to switch gears to novel writing or book-length nonfiction, that's the time to approach agents and commercial publishers.

    Good luck.

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    Joe Zeff

    Re: Hello..I have a question

    You may consider those books published, Mary, but the publishing industry doesn't. "Published" means that some company has decided that your book is good enough that they've decided to spend their own money getting it printed, marketing it and putting it on the shelves of brick-and-mortar bookstores, and if they're right, they pay you royalties. Neither a POD service nor PA does that; they'll accept almost anything you send them, provided that you're willing to pony up enough ca$h, they don't help with marketing and your books are available only by special order.

    The important thing here is, if you use PA or POD, you're the one who decides that your book is good enough that strangers will pay to read it. To get published, you must persuade total strangers to invest their money in your book. See the difference? Remember Yog's Law: "Money flows from the publisher to the author, never the other way around."

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