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    Ceci Glusman

    Creativity Workshop

    Creative Writing, Drawing, Storytelling and Memoir.
    Get over creative blocks and the fear of failure.
    Our Creativity Workshops in New York, Carmel, Crete, Barcelona and Florence are perfect retreats for anyone curious about the creative process.

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    Frank Baron

    Re: Creativity Workshop

    And even more perfect for those wishing to spend a chunk of money - creatively.

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    L C

    Re: Creativity Workshop

    Can I pay with Oceania and Somalia coins? I have a lot of those.

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    Jennifer Brown

    Re: Creativity Workshop

    Can't anyone just enter a chat room... discuss concepts like rational humans? I have yet to find a true open chat with intelligent, creative, helpful people.
    Maybe I should pose this question in a new thread.

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    sam albion

    Re: Creativity Workshop

    jennifer- no. Smell yer Ma.

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