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    Juanita Leecost

    Presenting my Work

    Currently I am working on sort of an christian love story. The idea is based upon biblical principles and scripture however is a complete work of fiction. I was wondering how to pitch my idea to a publisher.

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    Frank Baron

    Re: Presenting my Work

    Publishers aren't interested in ideas from unknown writers. They're interested in finished works.

    Write the book. While doing so, spend a couple of hundred hours studying how the business of presenting your work to agents and publishers is done. Writing well is the easy part of this craft. If you can do that AND learn the business ropes, you'll increase considerably your chances of becoming published.

    Good luck.

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    Cathy C

    Re: Presenting my Work

    There are both Christian love stories and inspirational romances. Do you know which it is yet? If it's an inspie romance, there are plenty of markets to pitch to, from Bethany House, Zondervan, Hatchette, Barbour, and a variety of other publishers. If a Christian love story, some of these same apply, but there are more romance pubs than love story pubs out there.

    But Frank is right. You'll need to complete the book first and then pitch it. Good luck!

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    Greg Kosson

    Re: Presenting my Work


    This will probably sound harsh, but what is much worse is to look in your mailbox and find envelopes with quarter-page letters in them that use the word "alas," as though their author is a maiden character in some novel set in Brixton in 1857.

    I think you may need to tune up your writing a bit before you think about pitching it. Isn't christian actually Christian?
    A comma seems appropriate in your post. You don't say if your work is a short story or a novel. You haven't purchased any books on selling fiction, and have not done any independent Internet research. The implication is that you believe describing your idea to a publisher will guarantee you publication and inspire you to go forward and finish what is probably a novel.

    It's a lot harder than that. In fact it's a lot harder than that, and you'll do yourself a favor by pulling back from the writing for a few weeks, learning about the business end of it, then returning to what you love to do.

    I probably sound like a miserable old professor, but I'm trying to save you some grief.

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    Jennifer Brown

    Re: Presenting my Work

    I need a miserable old professor. LOL. I have submitted my work to the worst possible critics for review... my friends and family.
    I have gotten so many "Ooh, Jenny! You're so talented"'s, I can't take any more.
    I would give my left eyebrow to hear one qualified human verbally chop my novel to tiny shreds.

    I have researched agents, query letter and synopsis writing. I have read the how-to books outlining procedure and etiquette. I feel ready.

    I DO need someone to tell me if my writing is worth a - in case there are children present - hoot. Am I on the right track? Is it boring? Should I be banned from the writing community in a preemptive strike to save the nations already slipping literacy rate?

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    Jennifer Brown

    Re: Presenting my Work

    .... Argh! See? I forgot an apostrophe. I am making the world dumber as we speak.

    Correction: nations = nation's

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