You have a VERY nice editor, Ce Ce. Most won't reveal anything other than the print run without prodding.

Well, it also depends on where you happen to be standing on the food chain. I spent a lot of years not being able to get squat in the way of reasonable sales info until the royalty statements came in -- and those appeared to be written in gibberish.

Now, I get those sales breakdowns. Automatically, I don't have to ask. My editor's assistant sends them promptly every week after a book is published, for at least the first couple of months.

I have to say, though, that knowing what sales are in those "major" accounts (excepting Anderson/Walmart) still doesn't give me a decent picture of overall sales. The vast bulk of sales (again, excepting Anderson/Walmart) tend to come from indies, grocery stores, pharmacies, and so on.

I can't say what the official percentage is, but I can tell you from my numbers that less than 25% of my sales appear to come from bookstores.