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    Wendy Waide

    "Homeland Melodies And Other Poems"

    The book, "Homeland Melodies And Other Poems" by the Nigerian Poets, Comrade Chidi Anthony Opara is now available on: www.i-proclaimbookstore.com

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    Sarah Connor

    Re: "Homeland Melodies And Other Poems"

    You again? Oh great.

    First off. I-Proclaim is a vanity publisher, an imprint of Dorrance Publishers. You're not published, you're printed. You paid a lot of money to be printed.

    Second - Did you see the shipping charges if someone wants to buy that book? International charges are $25.00. That's the biggest rip off I've ever seen...although not surprising considering it's a vanity publisher.

    Poemhunter is not a legit site.

    AuthorsDen is not a publishing credit.

    The World Poet's Society is not a real credit -- anyone can join for free.

    It's a shame. It appears that this writer has made every single mistake a newbie writer can make when it comes to publication.

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    Wendy Waide

    Re: "Homeland Melodies And Other Poems"

    Sarah Connor,

    I have seen that you spend lots of time and energy running persons and institutions down.

    Sorry! I am not here to join issues with you(I have better things to do with my time), I come to wish you the best of luck in your cherished vocation.

    Good luck once more.


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    L C

    Re: "Homeland Melodies And Other Poems"

    << (I have better things to do with my time), >>

    Like spam this board? Who reads poetry anyhow, much less vanity press poetry?

    Maybe you ought to ask folks to Western Union you $25 in return for depositing millions in their account. I bet you'd even make a few sales.

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    Sarah Connor

    Re: "Homeland Melodies And Other Poems"


    Considering the crap you pulled the last time you posted here, I'm surprised you actually came back.

    Stop spamming and learn something and maybe then you'll earn some respect.

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