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    A Roby

    Re: What to talk about?

    Thanks, all, for the excellent advice and mini pep talks.

    The Talk is days away. I'll let you know how it goes.

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    A Roby

    Re: What to talk about?

    So I gave the talk...to my husband, his daughter and her boyfriend, and four friends. They put me in this big auditorium, away from the art galleries, and no one ventured in. I gave my talk anyway, and it was fine--nothing earth-shattering, but no humiliation involved, either.

    And I sold four books.

    The whole thing was hilarious!

    The lesson here: Don't be scared of these "events." Do have a healthy sense of humor.

    Thanks again for all the advice.

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    June Casagrande

    Re: What to talk about?

    Congratulations!! I knew you'd survive.

    Your experience with the turnout was a very, very common one. It's part of being an author.

    I always kind of figured that the objective of these talks has more to do with getting your book title in print in a bookstore or organization newsletter and/or a local newspaper. The only one of my talks publicized in the LA Times book calendar was also the one at which only my friends showed up.

    Still, they placed my book at the front of the store and within two or three days more than 30 copies had sold. And, most important of all, thousands of LA Times readers saw my book title in print.

    In other words, the immediate returns aren't the most important ones.

    Again, CONGRATULATIONS on getting through this momentous first!

    - June

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