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Thread: djb

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    gulliver h


    methinks you need a new publicist...this Cox person is not working out for you...

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    Caroline Cox

    Re: djb

    Hear, hear, gulliver! All I wanted to do was to recommend DJB's book and my computer went haywire, arrow flashing, arrow going up and down - as though my post was possessed by the devil. I never even wrote the message nor hit Post, so when it showed up like that I couldn't believe it. I emailed DJB about it and he said: Don't worry about it. I said: Easy for you to say. I'm the one with a million messages with my name Caroline Cox on them, like I'm an annoying idiot or fool. He said: If anyone gives you a hard time, I'll go to bat for you.

    My problem was that I knocked out all these other writers' posts. I feel terrible about it. I'm sorry. It's incredible.

    There would be absolutely no sense in my posting all those ridiculous messages. I'd hoped they'd be deleted, but so far they aren't.

    So, in a nutshell - no pun intended - that's the story. A shame because WN is so helpful. Best, Caroline

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    Jena Grace

    Re: djb

    Funny OTHER posts have been deleted since your fiasco, but not these.

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