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Thread: Deal in works

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    John Carlisle

    Deal in works

    I am a well published print & online magazine writer (psychology and gambling). An established publisher of gambling books has approached me to get a manuscript to him ASAP on poker psychology. He wants to go to press next year. Being a newbie to the book publishing world, I have no idea what to expect. Since I have over 200 articles to pull ideas from, the actual writing of the book is not my main issue. My nerves surround the unknown in terms of contracts, royalties, etc. What should I expect, and look for, in terms of the business end of publishing? Thanks, John

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    Anthony Ravenscroft

    Re: Deal in works

    The only way to know what you're dealing with is to have a look at the specific contract. You don't have to sign it just because they send it to you. And the sooner you request this, the more time you'll have to consider.

    If you're mostly interested, that's when you need to consult an attorney, especially if the amounts involved more than justify the expense.

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