Hello you all:

I have been living in Germany for about two years and I am trying to promote my book here. I My publishing house only do marketing in the USA. paid to have translated the Press Release, Book Endorsements, and a small Bio into Germa to help with the marketing. I used this information package to approach the two local newspapers. I got both interviews with reporters who spoke and understood English. I also got two stores to stock up my books for about two or three months.

I am trying to do two radio interviews.

I live in Iserlohn. A very small city about 3 1/2 hours from Frankfurt and 1 1/2 from Cologne. At times I feel lonely but patiently waiting for God to show me the way and open doors for me.

Do any of you have any other ideas as of how to better and economically promote my book here? Many book stores have rejected my book because is free-style, religion, English poetry. At times it is frustrating, but I haven't give up.

I thank you all in advance.

Yours in Christ,


"The Window to my soul, my walk with Jesus"