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    cindy wu

    Promoting a book published outside the US

    Dear writer friends,

    I have a question about book promotion and hope you can help me. My first novel will be published by a major publisher in August, in Australia first, then the US and some other countries (by different publishers)next year. Since I live in the US, I wonder how I can promote the book here when it's out in Australia. Or should I just wait until it's on the market in the US?

    Any advice would be highly appreciated.


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    Re: Promoting a book published outside the US

    Sally: I live in Germany and my book was published in the US three months after I moved to Germany. My publishing house only markets in the USA.

    Promoting a free-style poetry English book in Germany have been extremely difficult, but God has opened a couple of doors for me.

    I strongly suggest you know the markets covers by your publishing house and your international marketing opportunities. Try to participate in a couple of Book Fair outside from USA. I lived closed to Frankfurt so I attended the Frankfurt Book Fair last year and found it very productive. This year I am going once again but as a General Public since I want to experience the fair from the public's point of view. Last year I attended as a writer.

    Another big book fair is the London Book Fair. Those are the only two I know about in Europe but I am sure you could do some research on the internet.

    What type of book did you write? If it is a topic which attract many readers, then I don't see you having any trouble promoting it, etc.

    I wish you the best of luck. It is tough but not impossible.

    yours in Christ,


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