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    * Chris

    A question for published writers....


    Along with selling my debut novel, my agent is also trying to pitch a 2 book deal for my soon-to-be-finished second novel. Have any of you published writers received a 2 book deal from the start? Wondering if it is more of an attractive deal for a publisher to make a deal for 2 books vs a debut novel. Any thoughts?


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    Savannah Thorne

    Re: A question for published writers....

    I haven't (yet) but someone I know did and she was a first-time writer, so yes, 2-book deals do happen. I don't know whether it's more "attractive" or not, unless the publisher specifically wants a sequel to a book, or is really in love with the writer.

    Why do you ask this question; are you trying to decide how to tweak a pitch? Maybe I can help you more if I am clearer on what you want, or if you're just looking for general info. Good luck!!!

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    * Chris

    Re: A question for published writers....

    Hi Savannah:

    Thanks for the information. My question was just a general one.

    Take care,

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    Mike Coombes

    Re: A question for published writers....

    I know a number of authors who have got 2 or (more commonly) 3 book deals. It's a no-loser for the publisher.If you're the next Dan Brown and sell a trillion books, they don't want you going elsewhere with the second. If your book sells three copies and sinks, they release you from the contract.

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    Jeanne Gassman

    Re: A question for published writers....

    A close friend of mine had a two-book deal with Dutton. The first book had a hefty advance but didn't do as well as the publisher expected. Dutton published her second book but put little support behind it. They declined her third book.


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