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Thread: Sales Figures

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    Nick Dobbie

    Re: Timeout - Let's Move On

    Gary - why don't you take your pills. Open fire? This is not secret agent superduper CIA warefare Washington DC MI5 - I know someone at Random House! Super, perhaps they can publish one of your books... Every time someone questions your 'wisdom' you rip into them, guns blazing. You need to re-think your objectives of why you frequent this site.

    Listen to Hamish.

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    Roy Abrahams

    Re: Timeout - Let's Move On

    Key word........"The Bait"

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    George M.

    Re: Timeout - Let's Move On

    OK. Then who the heck am I?

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    Catherine S

    Re: Timeout - Let's Move On

    Ohhh, so this is the thread everyone is talking about. I hadn't read it. I have something to add though. About a year or so ago I too went under the "anonymous" attack, although anyone who knew me knew who I was. I was called a "troll." Anyway, I responded from me actual ISP eMail addy to the person who was so upset with me, explained who I was, and tried to smooth feathers. Things only got worse and the names I was called and things I was accused of privately went from ugly to unbelieveable. I came to the conclusion that some people are simply hostile and need to vent that pent up aggression and seem to feel safe doing so from behind a keyboard. Maybe it's better they do so than to attack others in the real world, where they could actually hurt someone.

    Once a debate leaves the topic and gets into personal insults and assaults, it's a safe bet the person doing the insulting never cared what the topic was in the first place and just saw a good opportunity to attack someone.


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