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    A G

    Question re: length of time for....

    Any guidance on how long it usually takes from the time a book proposal is in an agents hands and then submitted to publishers.....
    And, on average how long does it usually take before getting a publisher?


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    Mya Bell

    Re: Question re: length of time for....

    Question #1, from minutes to months.
    Question #2, from days to years.

    On average, however, it's probably a few hours to a few weeks before an agent begins pitching a book to publishers and a few weeks to several months before the agent's efforts land a publisher (if a publisher is interested). Even then it has to get through the publisher's gauntlet of editors and sales staff to show up on bookshelves.

    Things rarely happen fast unless the book is celebrity- or disaster-linked or highly topical in some other way.

    --- Mya Bell

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    George Griggs

    Re: Question re: length of time for....

    Mya's right on. With my first book, Centauri III, it took so long I was actually considering sending back the advance and asking them to cancel the whole thing. If you've waited a reasonable lenghth of time (at least a month or so) and haven't heard anything, it wouldn't hurt to either e-mail your agent or drop them a line to gently ask for a progress report. However, remember to be professional and pleasant.

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