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Thread: specialty shops

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    a writer

    specialty shops

    Hi, my book is being published by a major publisher. Because of its nf content, I'd like to do signings at specialty shops. My question is does the specialty shop need to have an account with my publisher to be able to return books to them? And would my publisher open an account for them if they are small or will I drive them nuts if I try to set up signings at 10 specialty shops? Is there a better way to go about this? Thanks!

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    Mya Bell

    Re: specialty shops

    If your book is being published by a major traditional publisher, then I'm not sure if a specialty shop would fall within their returns policy. Specialty shops can sometimes be good places to sell niche market books but, as you've pointed out, they don't always have regular accounts with book distributors.

    There was a thread here recently about author buybacks. For the kind of marketing venue you are pursuing, perhaps a buyback is a viable option for you. You might check out that thread and ask about author discounts.

    If your book is being published by a major vanity publisher, your chance of a flexible returns policy is not good, I'm afraid.

    My books don't sell in specialty stores, so I have no first-hand experience on this particular issue, but perhaps some of the other authors have gone that route and can help.

    --- Mya Bell

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    KJ --

    Re: specialty shops

    I buy my own books for these sorts of signings. Whether or not that works for you will depend upon your author discount. Mine is 50% (and I do get royalties on the books I buy), so it's no big deal to keep books around for book fairs or unorthodox signing scenarios.

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    Donna Pudick

    Re: specialty shops

    Most of the books I see in specialty shops are written by local writers. A number of these are underwritten by the author and published by a University publisher or vanity house. The author pays for a limited press run for, say, 200 books, then gives them to the specialty store on consignment. The store usually marks any price it wants and agrees to pay the author a flat fee for each sale. We have stores like that in Flagler Cty., FL, where I hail from. Some of them are book stores.

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