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Thread: Copyright

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    Re: history repeats itself

    I'm not worried about it, Gary. And I don't think it happens frequently. I DO think that people steal from other people, not just particularly writing but absolutely anything. I wasn't referring to specific instances of copyright infringement, just to the fact that people generally don't steal a thing because they admire it. They steal to make money. Car stereos or jewelry or paintings OR writing. I was simply responding to Eric's post:

    "I can't imagine anyone getting so excited by anything I wrote that they would bother stealing it...."

    "Excited" rarely plays a part in any theft. It's about money.

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    Gary Kessler

    Re: history repeats itself

    More frequently, I think, they "steal" it because they didn't even know it already existed out there before it popped into their minds as a "new" idea. This helps explain why lots of people come up with essentially the same "new" plot line or twist at the same time--shared exposure. Two television shows shown in near proximity added to a national-level news story simultaneously plant the same "new" plot element in several thousand minds at the same time, and thirty of these people start writing a book on this "new" element they simultaneously and independently thought up at the same time.

    As far as all of these historians getting into trouble over plagiarizing passages from the books of others, I think a lot of this is innocent as well. They have good retention memories, a phrase they've read resonates with them, and months later they are convinced they thought it up themselves and they use it in one of their own books--and the phrase does resonate so well that it pops out to readers as a "stolen" phrase.

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    Re: history repeats itself

    That's true. I think music's a good example of that type of accidental theft, too. Someone hears a riff, doesn't remember hearing it, and writes what they think is a new song. They weren't trying to steal someone else's music. There seem to be more lawsuits over "stolen" music than writing. At least more of them make it into the news.

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    Jerry Hatchett

    Re: history repeats itself

    If you think writers are paranoid, you ought to deal with inventors. Sheesh.


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