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    a writer

    manuscript finished!

    I just finished my manuscript and am sending it to my editor. He bought it off a proposal and now I'm completely paranoid that he won't like the remainder of it. Has anybody encountered this before?

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    Emma C

    Re: manuscript finished!

    Hi a writer,

    First, congratulations!

    Second, no, I haven't encountered your situation, but I have to say I have been scared about sending my second manuscript to my agent. I knew she liked my first one, but would she like the second less? . . . not at all? . . . it was different, would it still make her laugh?

    I finally knew I could send in the second manuscript after one friend quite bluntly told me it was a mistake to not have sent this second manuscript in first (both manuscripts were completed--though needing rewrites--when I found my agent). He actually thought the second manuscript was the one on submission and when he found out it wasn't that's when he told me this (which made me feel bad at the time, but now I feel better--I know he meant it as a compliment). I then called two more friends who revealed to me they thought the same. Yikes. But the moral of the story is that since others had confidence in my writing, I could finally have some as well. And I am finally sending the second manuscript to her later this week. She may not like, but at least I'm no longer so afraid about sending it. Odd, huh?

    Have you sent a copy of you manuscript to your agent to read? If he/she has okayed it, I think I'd feel much more relieved about sending to an editor. Also, if the editor loved the first three chapters, those are the most important chapters and I can't imagine him not responding positively.

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    James Macdonald

    Re: manuscript finished!

    ...now I'm completely paranoid that he won't like the remainder of it....

    That's entirely normal.

    Go get a copy of The Unstrung Harp; or, Mr. Earbrass Writes a Novel by Edward Gorey. That book tells the most exact truth about the novel-writing process.

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    Victoise C.

    Re: manuscript finished!

    That book sounds interesting ... Mr. Earbrass Writes A Novel. Going to check it out, thanks James.

    Well, as for an agent liking the first 3 chapters and then not taking the book, that's just happened to me. I was in 7th heaven when the hottest agent in town (well, sort of) a very good agent indeed let's say, immediately requested the rest of my first novel, liked what she read. Then said, 'ultimately they felt it wasn't right for their agency'. I really was hoping for a few words as to why...what went wrong in the end but she didn't have the time to give me those words. Soooooo, anyhoo, cheers. V.

    P.S. Isn't it ridiculous how we write something we love and then cringe and fear that this one person (The Agent) won't like it. ! Where does our our steely determination and faith in our work go sometimes? Oh to be a cocky egotistical writer likesay Oscar Wilde or James Joyce.

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