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Thread: Is this a scam?

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    Felix Zollicoffer

    Is this a scam?

    I'm new, so hi. I sent a novel off to ******** Publishing Co and six weeks later got this contract that is just like, word for word, like Publish America. They promised to bring it out, put it on Amazon, and not charge me a penny. so I sent the contract to them, only to have it returned as wrong address. Why would they have the wrong address on their letterhead and envelopes? I sent the contract by email, leaving off my Social Security Number, and asked them for a snail mail address if they wanted my SS #. Research showed me that they are associated with a vanity press. I sent the contract via email but left off my SS. I told them I'd send that only to a snail mail address. Does this sound really fishy to anybody but me? I'll keep you posted. If they try to con me, you'll know about it. I didn't give the press name because it'll pop up on Google. Or the press will find it posted here and, even if they're legit, will drop me. I'd appreciate any comment. I'm 19 and it seems every press that likes me is trying to rob me. I like it here because everbody seems truthful. So what do you think?

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    Re: Is this a scam?

    If they say they won't charge you, it's OBVIOUSLY a friggin' scam for Pete's sake. A legit publisher would not have to make that claim. Do you think Random House says they don't charge a dime? Forget the other stuff. That one comment alone proves they are a scam. Don't bother with it.

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