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    Richard Fulgham

    Hey, was I deleted?

    Hi friends,
    I sent a warning about a certain press who tried to scam me. I\'m surprized that it didn\'t appear here. The scam artist advertises heavily, but I don\'t know if they advertise here. But if I was deleted to protect an advertiser, then an editor here is denying us the protection we get by sharing expereinces. If this one doesn\'t appear, I\'ll know and I\'ll quit. If it does appear, then you should know Tate Press will act like their so excited they just have to call you about your book immediately! Wow! Then they\'ll tell you how much you have to \"invest\". That\'s all I wanted so say. I do hope this goes through because I have relied on this forum to protect me, and in turn I have tried to warn other writers of current scams.

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    James Macdonald

    Re: Hey, was I deleted?

    Tell you the truth, I've never heard of these guys. Do they have a web page?

    I suggest you send your info over to Dave at Preditors & Editors.

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    Richard Fulgham

    Re: Hey, was I deleted?

    Hi Dave,

    Tate Publishing claims to publish Christian books in the name of Christ. They don't mention that charge. My real objection is their "come on" -- meaning they sent me an email that implied they were so excited they just HAD to tal to me personally. Man, I'm 56 and been through the wringer. I wrote them back saying that I was delighted a press was going to publish my book in Christ's name without coning me into paying a big fee. Ha ha ha! Oh, just for those reading this, NEVER send you Social Security number over the internet. A certain publisher asked me to do this. I refused. You should too. They can find out everything about you, like the size of your bank account and how much you paid for your last car. And, Dave, yes I am writing to Preditors and Editors.

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