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    marisa meier

    Book contract question

    I recently got a contract with a reputable publisher, but the contract says we grant the publisher sole and exclusive right throughout the world to publish and market the work and make derivatives of the work (indefinitely). How would I politely negotiate keeping some of the rights or getting the rights returned to me after a period of time? In addition, how do you ask for royalties from gross revenues? Any input very appreciated!

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    Carol O

    Re: Book contract question

    Contract negotiation is your agent's job. Which publisher is this?

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    Re: Book contract question

    Boy, this is NOT the place to be asking questions like this. If you have an agent, that's his/her job. If you don't have one, you need to either hire a lawyer who specializes in pub contracts or read, thoroughly and cover to cover, any of the three excellent books out there on pub contracts.

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    Michael Hemmingson

    Re: Book contract question

    By reputable, who...? If they want world rights, they should be paying for world rights. If they're not offering you a good sum, then they should only be getting North American...don't get ripped off...if this is with a legit, reputable houses as you say, you can ask just about any agent in town to go thru it for you, for a fee. Doesn't mean they'll rep you in the future, but hey it's a foot in the door. If this is indeed a bona fide house and deal and you need someone to handle your rights, contact me by private email and I can put you in touch with a few bona fide agents who can help you CYA.

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    Daniel Martinez

    Re: Book contract question

    Hello, Marisa.

    I own a publishing company (International Publications), and in my contract, I allow my authors to give a written notice of termination if they would like out; and if I want out of it, then *I* give them the notice. Perhaps you can politely ask them if they would be willing to change the clause? I would be willing to do as much, were you my client, although I also agree with the others that your agent should be doing it for you. As far as the rights go, I think they should only take NA rights, unless they're paying you (I take only NA, because I'm [at the MOMENT] a vanity press).

    -- Daniel Martinez,

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