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Thread: Clarity Loss

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    A.E. Force

    Clarity Loss

    For over four years now I've had essays, short stories, and even op-ed pieces published. Even my letters to companies when I'm annoyed at the service/product, got positive responses. Now for the past few months, I'm being told by people from different areas that my writing, whether it's a letter, an essay, or short story, isn't clear. Good, but my point or whatever, is not clear.

    As I doubt it's early--very early--Alzheimer's, what is going on? Any ideas of why this happens, or help on how to clarify what I'm trying to say? Or am I not being "clear?!"


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    Daniel Martinez

    Re: Clarity Loss

    No, you're being clear in what you are asking.

    If you'd like an outsider's opinion of whether or not your writing is clear, post it for critique. You can even send it to me, and I'll critique it myself, without the public humility of ripping your work to shreds on a message board.

    As far it not being Alzheimer's, I would agree. Maybe *you* know what you're trying to say, and now that you've been published so many times, you've become -- completely on accident, I am sure -- set in your ways of writing. Maybe you're treating your audience like they should know something they really don't know.

    I think my best advice would be for you to post some of your work for critique.

    -- Daniel Martinez,

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    Re: Clarity Loss

    It's an interesting problem. I'll tell you what I do in those situations, and it seems too simple to work, but I read the writing aloud to myself. Sometimes when I hear it, rather than just reading it, I can find the spots that aren't clear.

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    A.E. Force

    Re: Clarity Loss

    Dan and Leslee,

    Thanks. You're right--reading it aloud might help. I do think I am in a rut of assuming that the reader knows what the heck I'm talking about.

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