Fellow authors/writers/poets, here at Writers.net. I am Nikhil Parekh here at: http://www.writers.net/writers/31099. It simply has been an amazing honor to be here since the two yrs or so and has astronomically helped my writing conquests, get my books in print as electronic books etc.

Writers.net is a tremendous outlet to share and brilliantly exhibit your writing to the world, isn't it. I know many of you'd unflinchingly agree. Its really a stupendously enthralling directory, infact one of the largest in the world today, blissfully amalgamating writers/editors/agents and unfathomable patrons of art/literature/contemporary writing together.

I don't want to go too much off topic and would just like to share with you all, Mindlikewater.com's follett initative, wherein Mindlikewater.com supplies your books to follett.com-USA's largest book distributor, for public as well as school library distribution. Its a beautiful initiative for us fellow authors, with follett books supplying our books to more than a lac libraries, both school and public in the USA. Mindlikewater.com acts as our agent to follet, as Follet.com directly doesn't directly interact with authors. www.follett.com's distribution in the USA is the largest and supplies its book catalogs to more than a lac libraries. Its incredulously mesmerizing for us authors.

I've already joined it for some books of mine.

The initiative can be found at: http://mindlikewater.com/library_offer.html , Contact: Diane Faile: dino@mindlikewater.com for details.

Mindlikewater.com, is itself a huge ebook/electronic directory and any electronically published author should be raring to join its several benefical promotional programmes, one of the very best on the Internet today.

Felt great sharing !

Thanks and god bless,
Nikhil Parekh