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Thread: Erotica

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    Vanessa Shore


    Does anyone here write erotica? And if so, what are the best markets for this genre?

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    James Macdonald

    Re: Erotica

    The internet really took a bite out of erotica. Used to be things like Penthouse Forum letters were pretty good.

    For right now: Try Circlet Press.


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    Michael Hemmingson

    Re: Erotica

    I write it, among other things. Most of my erotic novels are published by Blue Moon (13 of them), an imprint of Avalon. I also co-edited The Mammoth Book of Short Erotic Novels for Carroll & Graf, also an imprint of Avalon. I edited one for Soft Skull Press...not an imprint of Avalon but both are distributed by PGW...

    The only thing the Internet has done is put up really bad, really poorly written erotic works.

    See my page or run my name at Amazon.com for my books, both erotic and non-erotic.

    Michael Hemmingson

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