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Thread: Finding Agents

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    Alison Cunningham

    Finding Agents

    Hi All,
    I followed the advice from some of you who were kind enough to give me that advice. I sent out 60 Query letters yesterday. About four more asked me to send a query letter to them by email which at the time I thought was strage. They explained that they sort of dispensed with snail mail and that in this day and age of computers, email is faster. Since Friday, I have rec'd three positive requests from these agents to send them 2 chapters and that they were interested. I'm pleasantly surprised. Two years ago I must have sent out over 250 query letters and although they liked my material, they were not taking unpublished authors. Thus, I feel and maybe I'm wrong, that being a published author whether self-published or not, does make a difference. One of the agents whose website I visited had excellent advice in writng a Query Letter and I followed that advice. I wrote one that was brief, informative with a lot of white space showing on the page. So guys and gals, wish me luck. Any comments on this?

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    Re: Finding Agents

    Congratulations on receiving such speedy requests. Before you send out material, check the agent's credentials with Preditors and Editors (the link is <http://www.sfwa.org/prededitors/> ). This could save you a lot of grief and wasted effort. Remember, if anyone asks for money up front, walk away--legitimate agents get their bread ONLY if they sell your work.

    Good luck.

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    Alison Cunningham

    Re: Finding Agents

    Thanks Jaycee.
    None asked me for money upfront. In fact, they said that they could only make money by promoting, publishing and marketing my book. Some 10%. Some 12% some 15%

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    Dave Kuzminski

    Re: Finding Agents

    Actually, P&E is now at http://anotherealm.com/prededitors and http://www.invirtuo.cc/prededitors because we're no longer hosted by SFWA who were kind enough to give us a home for several years when we were in need.

    Dave Kuzminski, Editor
    Preditors & Editors (tm)

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    KJ --

    Re: Finding Agents

    Good luck, Alison. As someone who got agent representation when I was unpublished, I have to say that I don't think it's your self-published status that is proving the charm this time around. I suspect you've learned from your rejections, honed your craft, composed an effective and enticing query letter. I also believe that the market changes over the years, and that agents' perceptions of what might sell changes with it. I had a very difficult time selling my first book because it didn't fit into any category and nobody knew how to sell it. Then a niche opened in the publishing world and, all of a sudden, I had a product that worked. I still believe that skill and timing are a major part of the publishing equation, and I wish you all the luck in the world. Keep us informed!

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    Nickie Fleming

    Re: Finding Agents

    Gool luck, Allison! You probably did a great job in writing that query letter. Also it must be true that we can learn from our mistakes. Two years ago, when I was sending out queries, I never got a reply (except some rejections). Now that I'm doing the same thing, I get one request to send in material after another. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, for you as well as for me!!!


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