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    Michael Hemmingson

    This Summer's Novel

    My historical/literary/dark fantasy novel, THE ROSE OF HEAVEN, that is coming out later this summer, is up for pre-order at Clarkesworld.com -- not sure why it's not up at Amazon.com and such yet, but it will be soon. No cover yet, expecting the cover from the art dept. at Wildside Press very soon.

    In 2000, I got a $6K grant to finish the book from the San Diego Book Awards. Had a hard time finding a mainstream publisher in NY, got this from most editors: "This will get great reviews but won't sell well."

    But Prime Books has stepped up to the plate. They do wonderful books that have been grabbing the nominations and selling to NY at the mass market houses.


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    Vanessa Shore

    Re: This Summer's Novel

    The Prime Books website is difficult, no make that nigh near impossible to read. Black background etc. They certainly seem less than mainstream to be sure.

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    Re: This Summer's Novel

    Here ya go, Michael


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    Michael Hemmingson

    Re: This Summer's Novel

    Prime has recently merged with Wildside Press, run by John Betancourt, so the old website hasn't been keeping up to date, it seems. Yeah, when it comes to the genre, it's not mainstream genre -- more esoteric and "out there." One may even go as far as to say literary. But they sure can find their niche audience and move copies.

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