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    James Macdonald

    Re: Two New Novels Out

    The Midwest Book Review will review his book.


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    Michael Hemmingson

    Re: Two New Novels Out

    Yeah, you can even sell the self-published PODs to used bookstores.

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    Daniel Martinez

    Re: Two New Novels Out

    Technically, Michael, I never said that I was published in the first place. I said that I could say that yes, I am a writer, and yes you can buy my book at such-and-scuh place. Granted, I "released" the book to the general public, but that is because *I did* publish it, even if it's only "in print." You can buy it like any other book, it's a marketable product, just like any other book, and I don't see why it should be thought of as any different than any other book. I've not yet had one person tell me that they weren't able to stop reading any one of my books, once they got started, and they weren't just family and friends. Most of my friends don't even read books, because I'm so young, and neither do many of my family members, because they just don't; I've had numerous people reading my books, and every single one of them has complimented me or liked the way I write or what have you. I hope you have a nice day.

    - Daniel Martinez,

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    J Banks

    Re: Two New Novels Out


    In general, I agree with Michael--I could have written his post, in fact. I make a living writing, don't have much tolerance for POD or self-published stuff, as most of it is recycled vomit.

    On the other hand, I want to mention that, judging from your posts here, you kick ass. Congratulations for getting this done--the books, the release, the promotion, everything. Keep it up, and don't let the bastards get you down. Two books at your age? Impressive. Larry Block one said something like, "Any clown can dash off a bad poem in ten minutes, but it takes a really determined clown to write a 250 page book." So welcome to the circus of the determined clowns.

    And hey, in the spirit of curiosity, where is the 'such-and-such a place' where one might buy your book?

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    Daniel Martinez

    Re: Two New Novels Out


    Thank you muchly for your kind words.

    To satisfy your curiosity, HGWC is available from (at the moment) my web site, novelistdanielm.com. It's also listed on binnaclepress.com, and when you go to amazon.com and search for either Queen of the Undead or Paranoid Schizophrenic, you'll find an advertisement in the 'So you'd like to . . ." section for HGWC.

    Artemis Grant is available for free at dreampasage.com.

    I have plans to contact newspapers and radio stations for interviews and reviews (the Tucson Weekly, at least, will do self-published authors, occasionally, and there's a radio program called Tucson in Review), as well as the Midwest Book Review, like James MacDonald said, once they open up for requests again.

    After or during that (depending on how everything goes), I plan to get an ISBN for HGWC -- they're expensive! Once that happens, though, then I'll go to Ingram, like Jerry said. For the moment, the two web sites given above are where each of them are available.

    - Daniel Martinez,

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    Daniel Martinez

    Positive feedback for Artemis Grant!

    Here is some positive feedback I've already received for Artemis Grant:

    "I found this book so very appealing. I was amazed how well the story went along, and how "into" the book I became. I could not wait to get up in the mornings to read this, I rushed to get home to read some more. I have told anybody and everybody who would listen to "tune in" for Mr. Martinez will be the next big time author!!

    Daniel you are very talented!!! We are all very lucky to have your work published to be enjoyed by all.

    Thank you for the best read I have had in a very, very long time"
    -- From Daniel's Message Forums (http://novelistdanielm.com)

    "I was hooked!!!! I found myelf wanting to read more and more. Truely AMAZING. I do hope to see more of Daniel's work."

    -- Both from http://dreampassage.com

    I would just like to thank everyone for their kind words and support.

    -- Daniel Martinez,

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    SF Writer

    Gentle Reminder to all here

    I think Mr. Martinez is about...what seventeen? If I'd had the kind of tools and resources he has, and I'd started at seventeen, it makes me wonder how far along I'd be today.
    Hats off to you Daniel. You are learning by doing - and you're learning all aspects of being a writer, which I always think is the best way! :-)

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    Michael Hemmingson

    Re: Gentle Reminder to all here

    Yes, agreed! That's a great age to get started, POD or not. Make all the mistakes early and 10-15 years later, Daniel is gonna be one hot product sitting on the bestseller lists.

    My contention is that writers need to start young -- born writers anyway. Five, eight, ten. My other contention is that if you don't publish your first novel by 30, chances are you never will. Now this doesn't hold true for evryone, of course, but after 30 it's only going to get harder: you get set in your ways, your preconceived notions, and are less moldable to changes and suggestion to changes -- i.e., how to get it right and get that first novel published; otherwise, after, say 35 or so, you'll just keep doing the same thing over and over.

    But this is merely an opinion.

    I published my first poem at 15 -- got $10. By 17, I had published 300 poems and started my own lit mag. By 22, had published 50 stories. I would probably have managed to publish my first novel by 22-25 if I had my shot together and listened to editors (in fact, my current agent was an editor at Doubleday when I sent him a novel at 20)...so I didn't publish my first novel until 27, ten years ago, and I still think I started too late...

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