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    Daniel Martinez

    Two New Novels Out

    Hello, everyone. I've been busy the last couple of days; June 1st was the big day -- both How God Was Created and Artemis Grant were released to the general public. It makes me feel good to be able to say that, yes, I'm a writer, and yes, you can buy my book at such-and-such place if you so wish. Regardless of what so many people say about self-publishing, I am glad to have done it. I get a book that I made all by myself, all by hand, and it looks just as good as every other book you'd ever find in the bookstore. It's just a wonderful feeling.

    - Daniel Martinez,

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    Re: Two New Novels Out

    Good for you. Sounds like you've got a little publishing company going! Do you have ISBN's for you books? If you do, you should look into getting distributed by Baker and Taylor. I'm not being facetious, either. It may seem overwhelming but I'd do it if I were you.

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    Joanie Woods

    Re: Two New Novels Out

    Congratulations on a huge job well handled. I do not care what anyone else says, but writing two novels and publishing them takes a lot of hard slogging. Too many people sit out there, waiting for a "kind" agent to pick up their MS. The world is populated with would-be writers. I believe in the adage: at the end of your life it is not your failures you regret, but the things you wanted to do, but did not, because you feared failure.

    I wish you great success. And even if you do not achieve "great success", be proud of yourself for doing all that, for actually HAVING DONE IT.

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    Nickie Fleming

    Re: Two New Novels Out

    Congratualtions too! I totally agree with Joanie: the most important thing is to feel good about what you've accomplished. My first book was selpublished too, and I have no regrets about it. I think I did a great job, and those who read the book love it.

    Lots of success!


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    Vanessa Shore

    Re: Two New Novels Out

    Sincerest congratulations, Daniel. There's no high like it. Enjoy.

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    Verb Verb

    Re: Two New Novels Out

    Congratulations! How was God created? Oh well, I suppose it sounds like a must read.


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    Michael Hemmingson

    Re: Two New Novels Out

    Self-publishing, as with places luike Writers Club Press and Xlibris, is not getting your book "published," per se. It's putting it into print -- into print and into a void with no distribution or sales force to get it onto the market and selling an actual number of copies. Don't fool yourself; okay, so you now can ogly your name in print and make your mother happy...now go write something you can actually sell so you can say, "Look at this check, Ma, I'm a professional!"

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    Joanie Woods

    Re: Two New Novels Out

    Sorry, Michael, but you're playing with semantics. The books are in print, so they have been published. Period. Daniel might not have a vast publicity machine behind him, but nothing is stopping him from publicising his own books. I know authors whose books (at bona fide publishing houses) who were not happy with their sales. They simply paid for stacks of their own books at the reduced price authors pay, and they went to bookstores, and especially those fêtes they have all over the Western world, put up a stand, and sold it themselves. Okay, so not all of us are born salesmen, but it can be done. Daniel might even be able to pay for a few small ads. Daniel, you could also send copies yourself to several publications who have book pages. Yes, it's a financial gamble, but what the hell, you got this far ... And "How God was Created" is a hit title.

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    Jerry Loeb

    Re: Two New Novels Out

    Big Congrats to you, Daniel M.! Hard work, is it not? I released a 740 page novel -ANTHEM -- in Jan. 2004 and thru Ingram Publishing Company it has done very well. My book (hardcover) is pricey as is the paperback. Minimum discount to the outlets. Let them figure it out. Both are selling fine. I strongly recommend LSI/Ingram since they have proven records for printing and distributing without all the hassles. Their accurate "dual-feed" to www.Amazon.com, Borders, www.bn.com et al is very strong. Amazon's SIB (Search Inside the Book) program is nifty and really promotes sales. Once you're in the LSI/Ingram mix and stream to the outlets, keeping track of your actual book sales and marketing your work will be your biggest challenge. Good luck to you and hang in there!

    Jerry K. Loeb
    Author/ANTHEM (Jan. 2004)

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    Roy Abrahams

    Re: Two New Novels Out

    Joanie: Actually, Michael is not playing with semantics. He's dealing with definitions current in the publishing world.

    The simple fact is that Mr. Martinez'works are being published by himself. When it comes to making money in such a venture, one simply takes the money out of one pocket and puts it in another...in the same pair of pants.

    And your advice to him to send copies to publications with "book pages" may sound good on the surface but the cold, hard facts are that no reviewer will read such books; PODs and other self-published forms of books have an inescapable stigma that precludes their being reviewed.

    An example: a newspaper editor in my community gives me all the self-published books sent him for review. He won't take the time to open them to the first page. And if he did, he'd either find sad writing or uninteresting plotting. None of the books he's been sent could have attracted attention of a traditional publisher. That's why they were self-published. I end up putting them out for the sanitary service truck on Mondays.

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