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    A different Gary

    Health Insurance?

    I've seen a few places, though I don't remember where, that published authors can get health insurance through AG and PEN? Maybe some other places? Anyways, does anyone have some links to or info on these programs?

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    Re: Health Insurance?

    No info on those programs, being unpublished...but just as a general self-employed health insurance thing, if you're in good shape and have no pre-existing health conditions, you might want to call your local blue cross provider (anthem or whatever) and ask if they have low-cost plans for the self-employed, such as a preferred provider plan, etc. The plan I have is very low cost and a good plan - people are always surprised when I mention the cost. This isn't really what you asked, but just a thought...

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    Re: Health Insurance?

    I posted before on this subject. Search either this discussion forum or agents under health insurance or insurance and you'll find some posts. It partly depends on what state you live in.

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