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    Re: Postcards from a PA published author .

    No offense intended, Gary. I'm a relative newcomer to these boards, and I'm just astounded that 99% of the messages seem to be PA-related. Why is PA everyone's favorite whipping boy? I think its a case of "traditionally published" writers being a little threatened by the recent success of POD technology. If that's the case, they had better get over it - this technology is here to stay, I'm afraid...

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    Jack Daley

    Re: Postcards from a PA published author .

    All Writers and Readers

    When I started this thread a little over a year ago, I figured maybe on or two writers or readers would go to my writers net web and take a peek at my short synopsis, and maybe even go to my home page and take a peek. I figured I get a little feed back, like: "Wow, that's some heavy stuff." Or, "Don't leave you day job yet, Dude." But not a single word 'bout my writing.

    Do we judge a writer by his publisher? Doe every good writer earn a traditional publisher. Just because a writer is not good at marketing his work does that mean he is not worth reading. I don't care if PA is a good or bad publisher. I just like to discover if I am a writer who has something new to say, something important that others might take benifit from reading.

    Again, I ask, Take a peek at my writing and give a little feed back. And if you comment on my writing, I will in turn give a brief comment on a piece of yours. And, don't go to PA for the post card. You can just go to my web. Or, better yet on this beautiful spring day go for a walk. Here in Salida the Monarchs are migrating by the hundreds from the foothills to Santa Cruz across the Valley.


    Jack Daley

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