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    Gary Kessler

    Money Flow

    If you want to make a true picture out of this saying, I think you'd do far better with:

    "The only assured money flows to the copyeditor, graphics designer, and printer."

    These people do their work, send their bill, and get paid--before the book goes to market. Everyone else in the process is at complete risk of getting little or no "money flow" at all. I'm willing to bet that fewer than half of the authors with their name on a book got any monetary profit out of that book at all (advance + royalty - expenditure in the cash equivalent of time, effort, and money - agent's fee = profit)--and even when they do, they don't turn this profit for years. And I think the agent and publisher really have to scramble to get meaningful profit on the typical book deal as well.

    So much for the money flowing to the author nonsense.

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    concerned at your bitterness

    Re: Money Flow

    Well, this stops because big time reviewers love PA books.

    SO ALL OF YOUR THOUGHTS, OPINIONS, AND SOMETIMES SAD COMMENTARIES OF FAILED CAREERS mean nothing in the sense that what counts is that the public likes the book...I know a lot of failed big time press books, because the public didn't like them.

    Some big time reviewers as well as big time public people LOVE PA books, no matter what you may have to say.

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    Sheryl Nantus

    Re: Money Flow

    big time reviewers?

    like... who?

    names, books, reviews, links, please...

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    Dave Kuzminski

    Re: Money Flow

    Granny, I leave it to you to decide since I liked your manner of expressing it. The tone was good and it's something that newbies should hear even if not everyone agrees with it because it presents a view that will help educate them regarding what faces them.

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    Okay, Friend Dave

    If you like what it said there, take it, edit it however you want so it makes sense (since lifting a post from a message board leaves a few continuity issues) and print it anywhere your little heart desires.

    I have to go make a run on the grocery since we're supposed to get a Nor'easter today and I understand that's what old folks up here do. Time to stockpile toilet paper and bottled water. Great Galloping Grannies.


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    James D. Macdonald

    Re: Okay, Friend Dave

    I agree with Dave, Granny. I think you expressed the idea very well.

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    Re: Okay, Friend Dave

    Reading this post is like watching Freddy vs. Jason. The guru of Writers.net versus the guru of Absolute Write.

    I was really on the fence on who was "winning" until I read this:

    "Sure, I can see what you probably mean. You probably mean that the author has to pay for paper, and ink, and postage. That's like claiming that because someone has to buy gas to get to work that he's paying to work. It's a foolish argument."

    A concise point that sweeps aside the the smokescreen argument and charges on. I'm sorry, Gary. You guys are both arguing almost the same thing, but James' credentials and writing and simple sense makes me believe him over you. Not that your completely wrong about some things, but this sheep is going to Old MacDonald's farm from now on.

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    Re: Okay, Friend Dave

    I know the difference between your and you're. Really, I do.

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    Gary Kessler

    Re: Okay, Friend Dave

    Not at all surprised you believe that, Mark York (Donut). :-)

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    Re: Okay, Friend Dave

    I notice you had a book published by Mason Crest Publishers (March 2002) prior to your February 2003 book published by Publish America. Why didn't you stay with Mason Crest?

    I also notice that you managed to get a nice review on your 2003 book from a noted Publish America author, Christy Tillery French.

    I don't want to be rude but why are you whining? If you can't or won't read a contract, hire a lawyer to do it for you. If you don't want to do the selling for your books, hire someone to do the selling.

    The world is composed of three groups of people. The first group, a very small minority, who makes things happen. The second group, somewhat larger but still a minority, who watches things happen. The third group, the great majority, who don't know what the hell is happening and are often heard to say, "Nobody told me!"

    Think about it while I put on my flak jacket and await your reasoned reply.

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