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    A writer

    Payments/Agents... questions


    Just a quick question. I also asked this in the agent thread but here goues.... I am writer. I managed to sell my first work on my own steam. My publisher made up the contract and I got published.

    All without an agent.

    However how do I know that my publisher is being straight up with me on the sale figures?

    Would it seem rude of me to go find an agent at this point, even after having made my second book deal without one?

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    Minnie Mouse

    Re: Payments/Agents... questions

    Since there's no longer any chance of making a sale, I can't see why an agent would be interested.

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    A writer

    Re: Payments/Agents... questions

    That is an interesting point.

    Why would an agent bother getting involved?

    Except I have made two books deals, one published and there is a cash flow which he/she could get in on in the future or get a % for making sure that everything is in proper order every month....

    You see an agent might come along and just say...

    "Yeah sure everything is fine. Now give me my 10%"...

    I do not want that either...

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    Contact agents

    And get their take on it. Frankly, I would seek one out. They would have a % of future works and they could go over the current contracts for a fee. I doubt they would do it for free, since you've already sold and are recieving royalties.
    Or, you can contact a lawyer, and pay a straight up fee with nothing else involved. Then, if the publisher is straight up, you can continue without an agent, or if the lawyer finds problems you can go from there.

    What kind of book, and who did you sell to? If I might inquire?

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