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    A Rassios

    Argh -- from the invisible writer.

    This is a problem with the tech aspects of writer's net, but after a week with no reply, I'll try (and I mean try) posting the problem and maybe someone knows what to do about it.

    I am always logged in.
    I reply to a post, but my name does not show up on a thread, nor am I allowed to check the e-mails reply box, which says my e-mail needs to be entered. (But it is, it is! In the log-in box, where else?)

    I've tried to log-off, and all I get is a message I'm logged in.
    I've tried to join as a new member, but a message says another member has my e-mail address (well, duh!)

    Two e-mails to whatever powers may be at info@writers.net and support@writers.net, and no response.


    Annie Rassios

    "You did not enter a valid email address. An email address is not required.
    If you do not wish to leave your email address please leave the field blank."

    But it IS valid, I swear!!

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    Karen Dionne

    Re: Argh -- from the invisible writer.

    Hi, Annie!

    Others have had the same problem, and auto-login is the culprit. I can't recall which forum has the instructions (perhaps this problem been talked about on all of them!) but if you do a search on the various forums on "Auto-login" and "cookies", you should find the thread that tells you what to do.

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    A Rassios

    Re: I\'ve tried searching for --

    Auto-login, to no avail. I will try again. Is there no one home in the support@ addy?

    Here I am, becoming invisible again to post this.

    Thanks for help -- If you see me, you\'ll know I figured it out.


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    A Rassios

    Re: I\'m still invisible, dammit!

    I keep hoping to find the magic combination, but so far, nothing. And it\'s not just this computer, but all my computers.

    Still no reply how to solve the problem from the powers-that-be that control this site -- are there any?

    Invisibly yours,


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    A Rassios

    Re: I just killed my cookies --

    --Let's see if this will help...

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    A Rassios

    Re: Oh, tra-la! It worked!

    I'm no longer invisible!

    Oh, how clever I feel. High-five!

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    Yvonne Oots

    Re: Oh, tra-la! It worked!


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    Bob Kellogg

    Yay! You can be seen AND heard.

    Welcome to the --what do people call it? The cess-pool? The wordsmith nirvana? The bull pit? The whine mine?

    You'll soon have a feel for the word herd who hang around here. Some are actually serious, even when they're being funny.

    Bob K.

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    Yvonne Oots


    very good bob.... the word herd.... I love it... may I steal that from you....

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    John Bridge


    Greetings, word herd. Obvioulsy, I'm a newbie here. Looks like as good a place as any to check in and say hi.

    Hi. :-)

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