My name is Monica (pen name Jaye Murphy) and I just had my book published with PA about a month ago. Since publishing with them, I have started hearing the most unfavorable things about them; how they are not there for their authors, how the book is so overpriced for unknown authors, no one will buy it except the author and family members. My book Lord, My Lord, even though I do think my work is good, is 108 pages long and is priced at 20 bucks. This is my first written work, so I am virtually unkown. I have been emailing them with questions for a week and I have had not one reply. The only emails I get from PA are ones that says they will give a copy of my book to Oprah or Regis and ?Kathy Lee? BUT ONLY if I purchase a minimum of so many of my own books. I don't know how the publishing world works, but I don't think this is it. If you just google PA, you'll find like 98% negative information as opposed to positive. My advice to you, is to be knowledgable about this company before pursuing any further and move cautiously and prayerfully. Be blessed.