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Thread: publishamerica

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    Matt Dinniman

    Re: PA and POD


    read that discussion. It's very eye opening. While I haven't published through PA, I was offered a contract by them. I had an attorney look over the contract, and she actually laughed. They say the contract isn't as ridiculous as it used to be (they used to have a clause in there that gave them right of first refusal for your next book) but it's still pretty bad.

    The contract is for 7 years. Thats about 4 over the norm.

    They take almost all of your subsidiary rights, including some of the most precious ones, like movie rights and international rights and e-rights.

    Plus there's some scary lawsuit language in there. It's pretty terrible. I would rather be unpublished than go through them.

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    anna weston

    Re: PA and POD

    I know you all wrote responses a long time ago but I'm hoping in the future a needy author will stumble upon this and be warned against publishamerica.

    I have expericed similar problems that many of hte already been published by P.A. has experienced. I'm young and I wanted to be published for the sake of being published and since they agree to help get the book ready for publication then I though, 'Hey, this could be fun'. Boy, was I wrong. They didn't even edit my book! And when I was promised I COULD rewrite it and send it back, they sent me this nasty little letter in the mail and this woman, M.Pratherm, told me that she sent me an email stating we had to use the original copy. I wrote back and told her that I thought she was supposed to help (or an editor at least) and she responsed saying that I shouldn't be 'nasty' or 'unprofessional'. And I'm like, "What the hell!" They promised to help me fix the book up, that's why I went with them. But instead they use the book that I wrote in a month and had accepted in two days after emailing them.


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    David Gardiner

    Re: PA and POD

    I am pasting-in the reply below which I originally submitted to another thread. I make no apology for this, what I have to say about PublishAmerica deserves to be read.
    ================================================== =======
    The facts about PublishAmerica are pretty plain. They will publish more or less anything, just like the fee-charging POD publishers. They will not charge you anything initially but they will require a list of something approaching 100 names and addresses of people you believe are likely to buy your book (friends and family essentially). They will then produce the book, give it a cover price of at least $19.95 almost regardless of its length, and send a flyer to each person on your list asking them to buy it at a "special introductory price" which is in fact exactly the same price any customer pays if they buy it off the PublishAmerica web site. For a typical $19.95 book the "special" price is $16.95, plus shipping. If you want to buy copies to sell yourself you can order in lots of 50 and get a 50% reduction on the $19.95 price (in round figures, $10 a copy). If you argue about prices or give the impression of criticizing them in any way, all hell will break loose, they will call you a "jerk" and ban you from using their message board. Your role is to be grateful and sychophantic at all times and behave as though they are doing you an enormous favour. What is actually happening is that your friends and family are paying your POD publishing fee. They claim that on average 18 people from the "friends" list buys each title, so even if this is an accurate figure each title generates on average $16.95 X 18 which is $305. iUniverse charges $199 to provide exactly the same service and presumably makes a profit. If the author buys one batch of fifty copies you can add 500 to PublishAmerica's income from the title. Obviously there is no need for them to do promotion or do anything else to sell a title. And indeed they don't.

    If you want to read a fuller account of my experiences with PublishAmerica please look here:


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    Re: PA and POD

    I will never send anything to this company again. I suspect there is one person sitting in a little grubby office somewhere handling the whole deal. I feel like I'm not in Kansas anymore! Someone's behind a screen working with bells and whistles, smoke and mirrors. The editing is terrible. A friend sent in a check in September for copies of my overpriced book and never recieved them...got the canceled check back through! I can't correct the listing on Amazon.com no matter WHAT I do, no bookstores will carry the book because they can't send back unsold copies, and the price is too high. I wouldn't pay that much for a book, why should anyone else? I'm a professional and I've had professionals recommend and praise the book...before they saw what had happened to it. I don't know how to break into the real publishing world but I sure as hell won't go back to PublishAmerica. Beware!

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    Re: PA and POD

    My manscript was recently selected and now I am not so sure after reading about PublishAmerica. Is there any information someone can give me before I received the contract. I had planned on an attorney looking at the contract before signing.


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    How can I break contract with them?

    How can I break contract with PA? My book has not come out yet...and i DO not want it to be published. I don't care what I have to do to get out of it.

    Any idea what will happen to me if I do decide to try and break it?

    Any help would be...well, helpful.

    - Laylin

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    Paul R Neumann

    Re: How can I break contract with them?

    I was interested in your comments regarding Publishamerica
    as I have recently submitted a book to them.

    Perhaps there is more to them than I suspected. Please let me know if your book with them was successfully launched and whether it has sold appreciatably

    Regard Paul

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    J Charles Cheek

    Re: How can I break contract with them?

    To find out how to break a contract with PublishAmerica, or anyone for that matter, just ask them, "What do I need to do to get out of my contact with you?" Or, you can pay a lawyer to ask the same question for you. In any event, only the other party in the contract can make that decision.

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    doug hanson

    Re: How can I break contract with them?

    I have a book in process with PA right now and so far see no problems.

    I think people get confused about what it is an editor and a publisher does. PA publishes your book, yes they will probably edit for misspelling, bad punctuation, etc. But they do not edit a book that\'s a job for an editor. If you need one go hire one there are a lot around, my self included, and they (we) are expensive.

    You as an Author should not be submitting a manuscript unless it is in perfect shape, that means the best written, correctly spelled, and punctuated correctly. If it isn\'t you should be ashamed to put your name on it. If you can\'t do that and take pride in the quality of your work, maybe you should consider selling \"used Cars\" instead.

    Writing is an art, a profession and a damn lot of hard work, if you arn\'t willing to spend the time to write it right, why should someone else be expected to \"Fix it for you\" especially if they are doing it for free...


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    Re: How can I break contract with them?

    I wanted to reply to this for 2 reasons, one, you should read the good with the bad in judging Publishamerica. What are your reasons for submiting a book to them? Mine was/is, that i believe my book will do well, and I don't have a lot of patience, and they are the only one's that I submitted to, (all authors aren't rejected hundreds of times first!), and I believe people should read their site for contract information, there seems to be a misunderstanding of the contents...
    Second, google takes all these words and puts them into the search, so for my gain, book title is 'Child of an Alocholic to Daughter of the King.' by me of course, Christine Bartholomew

    PS when looking at the price of a book, did you all look into what others are charging for the same type book? Mine is Christian, and Christian books are expensive...just wondering.

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