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    Re: Aussie Slang

    Oh, where to start? There are actually books written about it, seriously, loads of them. You can start with your local Australian consul (the Embassy if you're in DC).

    Or I can email you to give you my address, and you can ask some specific questions. I can give youold, new, local, country, city... It goes on and on.

    What can I say? I do slang.


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    Russ Still

    Re: Aussie Slang

    Thanx for the tip, nic. I'll rummage around the internet and see what I can find. So far all I know is "'Fosters' - Australian for beer."

    - Russ

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    Glen T. Brock

    Re:not good at birthin' babies!

    Hi Gang,

    I cannot resist sharing my experience with drole obgyn's.

    During the birth of my first son, my wife suffered a prolonged labor. When I was called to the maternity ward by her obgyn(named Dr. Coxwell, by the way)I was aprehensive.

    I saw Dr. Coxwell leaning against the hallway wall, dressed in gore soaked greens. I immediatly rushed toward him. Without speaking he pointed at a squirming struggling infant, cradled in a nurses arms, about ten feet away.

    "Is that my baby?" I blurted out.
    "I certainly hope so." he quietly replied.

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