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    "Editorial Board"

    My agent called a few days ago with what she said was very good news. After 5 rejects from publisher, an editor from a major publisher apparently loved my novel. I was very excited. The agent told me the editor wanted me to revise the book, and will be sending out a letter with her revision suggestions. Then in December she'll present the book to her "editorial board."

    Now, being the neurotic person I am, I'm wondering how excited I should really be. The editor isn't listed in any of the Writer's Market books, etc. Maybe she's just some junior person/first reader? What is an editorial board? Even if it gets past that, it has to go to a marketing board too, and who knows what else? What if I spend the next 3 months revising like crazy only to have the head editor say she doesn't like my book?

    Does anyone know the process once someone from a publishing house likes the book?


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    Brad M.

    Re: "Editorial Board"

    The large houses all have marketing and editorial committees, and they meet every so often, usually every week, depending on the number of potential books coming through the pipeline.
    If an editor really gets behind something, and this one seems to be, because she's not going to the trouble of asking you for a rewrite and then going to bat for the book before the others, just because she has nothing else to do, they can often get the book published anyway. If the marketing and sales people are REALLY against the book, then it might die without ever seeing the light of day. I would tend to say the editor in question here is NOT a junior one but rather a full editor or perhaps even a senior one, as the junior ones do not usually have the clout to acquire a book for a house.
    You've taken a step forward so you should be happy, but don't buy that mansion just yet. Best of luck on this and keep us posted as to the outcome. Make sure you follow the editor's rewriting guidelines exactly! I'll cross my fingers, and my toes, hoping the answer you get is yes.

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    Re: Acquisition Meeting

    Hi Debra,

    Make sure you do the revisions exactly as she asks. Also, do keep in mind that a number of books will be pitched at the meeting...possibly as many as thirty, with each potential book being limited to a ten minute proposal by each editor. Out of this meeting, possibly only six will be chosen.

    This editor wouldn\'t be bothered unless she sees potential and a marketing audience for your book. As well as the revisions, she will be studying you to see how well you respond to her directions.

    You have stepped over two major hurdles. You found an agent, and your book has drawn the attention of an editor in a major house. When you do your revisions, don\'t hesitate to ask your agent to help if you need it. Your success is just as important to her as it is to you.

    Best of luck.

    Regards, Kaz

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    Re: Acquisition Meeting

    Thank you both for your kind and very helpful posts. I'll work my tush off to do whatever revisions the editor suggests, and my agent already said she'd review the book after I revised it. I'm sure I'll be a stresscase throughout, but your posts will let me sleep a bit easier tonight.

    You guys are terrific!


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    Mary M.

    For Debra

    Good luck! And congratultions! Keep us posted ...

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