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    Nils Ljungberg

    Re: "Jungle Fever" Novels

    I didn't say anything about the title of my novel--i was just brainstorming for a clever way to push its definition. I came to the conclusion that my novel is not a romance at all, but involves interracial romance as a subtheme. What i neglected to mention is that my novel is a spiritual drama that explores this central idea: good memories are what can save a person from chaos and hell. I use their relationship of hot sex and wild partying as a background for chaos or hell to be released in the form of a restless demon who sees Aurora as his long lost love, and will do anything to enter the boy to have her back. In the end, the boy (Brent) gets possessed by this tortured spirit, but his long-forgotten religious convictions, the memories of his love of baseball and of his previously innocent and stable life are what save him and cast out this demon.

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    Laura Lee

    Re: "Jungle Fever" Novels

    Nils Ljungberg,
    I'm a college student researching the production of interracial romance novels. I have a few questions to ask and if you could get back to me that would be great, especially if you have any experience with the publishing industry. I too am an aspiring novelist. My paper is due in a week and I would a appreciate a response soon.

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