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    Blanca Greenberg

    "Chronicles" guide for Internet Writers


    "Chronicles Of An Internet Writer" is an informative and useful guide specifically catered to Internet Writers.

    Focused on four years of struggles, achievements and disappointments, "Chronicles Of An Internet Writer" embraces the advantages of Internet writing but also reveals the dangerous pitfalls of composing for the WWW.

    Featured are:

    Reviews of informational portals, contribution requirements and pay scales for writers.

    Poetry sites and contest submissions.

    Literary Agents

    E-publishing versus traditional publishing

    and much more.

    If you are interested in previewing an excerpt or purchasing
    "Chronicles Of An Internet Writer," please visit:


    Good Writings and Continued luck in your writing endeavors!

    Blanca Greenberg

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    Nadezhda Nussbaum

    Re: "Chronicles" guide for Internet Writ

    New publishing company “SportBazaar.com” is located in the New York, USA. We publish fantasy, mystery, romance, science fiction online and in print.

    Contact us at:
    Mrs. Nussbaum
    PO Box 751076
    Forest Hills, NY 11374

    Websites: www.Sopramoland.com , www.sportbazaar.com
    E-mail: Webdude5678@hotmail.com

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    Faiza Siddiqui

    Re: \Need some Guidance

    I am new in this field, however want to become a authorised writer on internet.I have some problems in my writing. The most important point is that i would like to improve my spelling and grammer as a writer. I have a lot of good ideas but its difficult for me to put these ideas into valuable writen materials.
    Please, suggest me some tips and tricks to improve my piece of writing.

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