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    Nekai Morgan

    "ghost writing" - what are terms/conditi

    I am in the process of writing a book for a friend - he provides the fascinating story of his life and work, I provide the writing/editing skill. Trouble is, I've no idea how to proceed legally. We have no contract between us. He says the publisher we eventually find will provide one, I believe we should have one now, while the work is being done. An attorney suggested I present him with some options so I am wondering - what is a reasonable agreement? Do I ask for payment by the page? by the hour? via a percentage of eventual book sales? what percent is reasonable? Any help by experienced writers is appreciated. E-mail response to energydance1@hotmail.com is welcomed.

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    Re: "ghost writing" - what are terms/con

    Check out HOW TO WRITE WITH A COLLABORATOR, by Hal Zina Bennett. It's a Writers Digest book and probably available at most libraries. At Amazon, as well.

    You're right. You need a contract and this book is the best I've seen.

    Let me know how it works out for you. I'd ike to find another published print writer, someone interested in talking team writing generally for future projects.


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