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Thread: What next?

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    James C. Moore

    What next?

    I am a twenty-four year veteran of the ministry (pastorate) but I am new to the field of writing. I have written a book concerning the church in today's society. It calls for radical change in church life and behavior. This change is needed to make the church effective again but will not be well accepted by some religious leaders. My main concern is whether to locate a literary agent or to go directly to a publisher. Another concern is whether, since the content calls for radical change, I should approach a religious publisher or one that publishes other types of material. Any help or advice will be appreciated. If you have the name of a good agent or a prospective publisher, I would appreciate that also. E-mail to jcmoore1@mindspring.com Thanks for reading, James Moore

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    William Broome

    What next?

    Self-published on April 8, 2000 is _A WILL OF MY OWN_. This is my version of what a modern memoir should contain. I spent a lot of money buying the "How To" books - possibly gaining a few pointers - but was deeply disappointed. This hard cover edition, with 98 photos and drawings, covering a lifetime of three careers, and 79 years of living, is proving entertaining, exciting,informative for readers of all ages. Available @$36 + $4 S&H, from F. William Broome, 147 Elbert Gaddis Rd., Dahlonega, GA 30533, 706-864-1562, or talespinner1ga@excite.com

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