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    Donald Koko

    Screen Writing software

    What's the best screen writing software available for an IBM compatible computer. I've heard good things about Scriptware, and Final Draft. Is there anything better on the market?

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    JC Collier

    Screen Writing software

    I use Final Draft and ScriptThing, both for Win95. Both have particular stengths. Both will serve you well. Neither are difficult to setup or use. Both facilitate TV, features [movie], and stageplay formats. ScriptThing accomodates a host of popular TV show's particular formatting for FREE, Final Draft charges for it as a plug-in. Both use copy protection and cannot be distrubuted more than twice, as when using both a laptop and desktop. However, both companies are very quick to answer any problems and help if you lose a hard drive authorization. A final note about Final Draft, it has fast become a near extant standard for the motion picture industry.

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