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Thread: Welll...?

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    Irish Stockard


    Does anyone know of any children's author's or publishers who would be interested in having theme music with their books and story lines? I have a high-quality, 10 song demo available for presentation. Thanks!

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    sal gritz


    I'm looking to form a novelists input club in North County San Diego, California. Writing is an alone kind of thing, but many of us would like to try things out, and experienced friends could be of help. Then there's invited speakers, agents, and publishers. AND, there's the need to rev up motivation to keep going. As to the question from one of you, what's so great about "published" writers? Though I'm self-published for the moment, which will become a very strong thing within the next ten years - I guarantee it - only one who has completed a project, can be counted on to be a respected source of constructive criticism. I think a group of productive writers, not just wannabes, can prove successful, but I don't know that. Can it be that after success, there's no need for nuttin? homony@hotmail.com

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