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Thread: portfolios

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    Alexander Molnar Jr


    I have written and published two action adventure books, both based on actual WW II events, little known by the public. Both have sold well. Now, I am looking for someone to represent my third book, an agent or publisher or movie producer, who wants a best seller on their hands. I intend publishing the book in Mar/April 00, Xlibris Publishing. The book's title, is: "The Land Beyond Time". It is an action adventure, with a touch of science fiction, which occurs in Dec 99. A US Military flight from Peru to the US, carrying two special prisoners, both Colombian drug kingpins, captured in Peru and extridited to the US. The plane crashes in the AMazon jungles. The survivors (6 women, and 9 men) have to fight off the jungles, the animals, snakes, spiders, cannibals and the drug kingpins' rescuer party. The book has espionage, sex, non-stop action and has been well recieved by the first 10 randomly selected persons. They loved it, all read the manuscript in one or two sittings, all 240 pages, 97,000 words. Their comments included "it's a real Page turner" or" it ought to be a movie" or "great story with plenty of action, a real best seller". So, is there any agent, or publisher who want's to try this best seller on for size? If so, call at 228-255-8061 or email at: alranlom@yahoo.com

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    Debra J. Palardy


    I need an agent. I have several manuscripts finished. I have a book published by a self publisher but would like a commercial publisher for the other things that I have finished. I am a stay at home mom and don't know where to begin. The name of my book out is "Sweetie here's the best reason on the planet to say no to your boyfriend". It is short for busy teens. I stuck to the bare bone facts and added zero fluff. If anyone is interested in contacting me they can do so at dpalardy@home.com I can be serious and funny all at the same time. It shows in my manuscripts.

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