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    S. J. Burch

    Looking for an author

    DO YOU KNOW WHERE I CAN FIND A GOOD PUBLISHER OF CHILDRENS LIT? HELLO PUBLISHERS OF GOOD CHILDREN LIT, I Have just completed a childrens story in rhymes about a lovable frog. It is a story about a frog who fights to get up on land where big frogs live. He learns to never give up no matter what obstacles are in his way, and there are plenty! It is geared for the 4-7 age group. I am now in need of a publisher and illustrater. I want to get the book out on the market before Christmas. I have seven book signings set up for when it is published. I am also a board game designer. So it can be a package deal. So publishers e-mail me... Let me be your next "big" find! Thank you for your consideration.

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    Valerie Jenks

    Looking for an author

    Hello! I am looking for an author for my book. It is very interesting subject matter; either for fiction or nonfiction. I've tried to contact Stephen King or Dean Koontz concerning this, as it is very bizarre and strange. Please contact me for more information if you are interested in writing this book for me.

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    Shane Carrington

    Looking for an author

    Hello! I am working on a series of children's books based on my own childhood experiences with my sisters and cousins at our grandparents house in the south. I have very vivid and fond memories of this time in my life. I was very blessed to have had these adventures. I wish to share them with as many children as possible. These stories are very heart warming and honest and sometimes even a little humorous. I am very excited about these books. I have wanted to write them for a very long time. I just finished the first today. I realize that it is probably too soon to worry about publishing my work, but I would really like to hear from anyone who has any advice or guidance as to what my next step should be. Thank you.

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    Looking for an author

    I am looking for the author, Spyros M. Aronis. I need documentation on his place of birth and a published book of poetry that he has done...Can you help me. Thanks, Nancy

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    Tracy Edmonds

    Looking for an author

    I recommend that you have an internet identity AS A WRITER. Yahoo/Hotmail type emails don't cut it anymore. If you need an good, professional email address, contact me at editor@editvision.com

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    Celeste Militzer

    Looking for an author

    My Dad just died a month ago and left us with his notes and pictures of his WWII experiences of not surrendering to the Japanese and living in jungle for 3 years. We are looking for an author to write this story for us. If interested please contact us at: rockingm@bellsouth or calling 407-321-3808 Tthank you Celeste Militzer

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