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    Gracie McKeever

    posting proposals online

    To Alison Blackman Dunham -- Have you tried Authorlink!? It's a quickly-growing, wonderful and informative marketing service for editors, literary agents and writers. (I just sent off one of my babies last month, so I still have my fingers crossed...Imagine how hard it is to type this!) Anyway, by now you might have seen or hear something about Authorlink! but in case you haven't, they're at www.authorlink.com. Try them! Best of luck! Gracie

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    Bill Rodriguez

    posting proposals online

    Author/instructors sought I'm setting up a professional critiquing workshop site at http://distancelearningcenter.com and am looking for qualified author/instructors, in various genres, with teaching experience and several books under their belt. Those interested should contact shoshin@distancelearningcenter.com . Thanks. Bill Rodriguez Director, Shoshin Distance Learning Center

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