Dear Agent

Since she was six, Hazel Wolfe has heard a dark voice she attributed to schizophrenia, but now that voice is becoming all too real. Soon, it takes her on a perilous journey to free an unknown race.

Talon, the once invisible tag along, finally shows himself to Hazel—after years of watching and testing the destined rescuer—just after her twentieth birthday. Through displays of magic and a daring rescue, he convinces her to journey with him to his home realm of Afthonias. There, she alone will open a mysterious box to free his kind. Should she fail, his race will be annihilated.

Armed with telekinesis, incineration manipulation, and other extraordinarily powerful gifts, Talon must teach Hazel how to wield her new powers, survive against the ones who hunt her, and locate the portal that will lead them to his world. All while denying his urge to have her for himself. But as they set off on their dangerous, high stakes mission, Hazel and Talon’s conflicting personalities often collide.

Hazel will have to abandon all she knows—her world, her family, her shaky reality, and possibly her morality—and trust the domineering stranger completely if she is to succeed. But there may be more to the story than Talon’s telling her. What, or who, she will be unleashing remains a mystery.

THE REDDER is an 87,000 word, urban fantasy adaptation of the fabled Pandora legends with series potential. I am currently working on earning my B.A. in English.

Thank you for your time and consideration.